How to Stay Active and Safe During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Motorized Retractable Screens-AtlantaFall is almost over, and winter is around the bend. It’s time to start thinking of ways to stay active in the cooler months during this Covid-19 pandemic. Outdoor activities are the safest, as the virus survives longer outside its host while indoors. Covid-19 is spread through respiratory droplets expelled from a host’s body during fits of coughing, sneezing, or even just breathing. Outdoor air is in a constant state of motion, making it much harder to contract the virus because the droplets hanging in the air are dispersed significantly faster than indoors.

Besides the safer environment outdoors, fresh air comes with other benefits that the human body happily receives, like a boost to your emotional state and reduced stress, anxiety, and depression. Below is a list of low-risk outdoor activities to keep you moving while staying relatively safe from Covid-19 infection:

  • Walking, running, and hiking – These activities further reduce your risk of contracting the coronavirus due to the pace of air flowing past you as you move. Conducting these activities in your neighborhood or a sparsely populated park is your best bet.
  • Rollerblading and biking – The same observations as above apply to these activities, but at an even faster pace, further increasing your margin of safety. It is still recommended to do these activities in an area of low population.
  • Fishing and hunting- These are usually considered solo sporting activities. It may be common to fish in close company with friends, but it’s advisable to stick to social distancing practices even with your friends. Hunting with friends is typically done in a considerably dispersed manner, eliminating the need for such a warning.
  • Golfing – Enjoying this sport with your friends will be fairly easy to accomplish, as it is considered shockingly poor etiquette to crowd the person teeing off.
  • Kayaking, boating, and sailing – This is probably the best activity to recommend during these trying times, as you are able to maintain social distancing on your own vessel while being significantly separated by distance from other craft on the water. Additionally, wind speeds are typically greater when flowing over water.
  • Outdoor fitness classes – This is an activity that should be undertaken only as long as there is ample distance between yourself and any other participant, especially if it is an aerobic activity that promotes heavy breathing. Tai Chi, Yoga, or similar pursuits might make for a better solution.
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  • Working out on your deck or patio – To enjoy the benefits of a workout designed to accelerate your heart rate and raise your endurance, try installing motorized patio shades or motorized retractable screens on your deck or patio to allow for a shaded and well-ventilated workout. These home accessories are conveniently operated via remote control and have additional benefits like adding privacy to your workouts and eliminating annoying insects from your outdoor workout routines.

This list is by no means exhaustive. There are plenty of options for being active during the pandemic. Being aware of your surroundings and playing it safe are the best precautions to take to reduce your risk of contracting the coronavirus. Staying physically active is medically recommended at the best of times, much less in times of such great stress.