Homeowner Associations

Homeowners’ Associations are very hesitant at times when it comes to approving additions that may alter the uniformity of their community.

Most of the time, traditional screens are not included on doors and windows leaving it up to the homeowner to deal with insect problems through out the year.

Fortunately, Homeowners Associations are quickly turning to custom retractable screens as the solution.

The Retractable Screen seamlessly blends in with the door or window frame giving homeowners the opportunity to enjoy a cool breeze without the inconvenience and nuisance of bugs or mosquitoes.

Many town home and condominium complexes have different styles of doors and windows which make it almost impossible to have a single type of solution. The need to maintain uniformity has left many homeowners with no options at all.

At Peachtree Blinds of Atlanta we can provide Homeowners Associations with a single product solution which can be custom manufactured and installed on any type of door or window. Examples are:

  • Front Doors
  • Back Doors
  • Double French Doors
  • Double Patio Sliders
  • Patio Sliders
  • Custom Oversized Doors
  • Virtually any type of window

Mirage Retractable Screens come in 16 standard colors and 11 wood grain colors that are used by most door and window manufacturers, and a custom color match is also possible if necessary.

One of our professionals will gladly meet with you to discuss how Peachtree Blinds of Atlanta can add style and function while maintaining the uniformity required by most Homeowners associations.

We have the experience, technical know how, and installation capacity to deliver on our promise of excellence.

To set up a meeting with one of our trained professionals please contact us directly at (678) 867-2211 or use our online form.