How to Prep Your Patio for Winter

You might think patios are only to be enjoyed during warmer months, but we’re here to tell you otherwise. There are several steps you can take to create a cozy, livable space all year round. Why not cuddle up on your patio this winter and enjoy a warm cup of hot chocolate while watching the wildlife? Whether you are considering enclosing your existing patio or building an outdoor enclosed space from the ground up, we’ve got some ideas that will make you look forward to spending time outdoors.

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Enclose Your Patio

The most effective way to convert your patio to a winter living space is to have it enclosed. While there are several different ways to enclose your patio, if you want it to stay warm throughout the winter, the best option is to build a four-season room or solarium.

What Is a Solarium?

Solarium-Sunroom AtlantaA solarium is a room walled entirely of glass. This gives the effect of being outside while allowing it to be heated fairly easily. Light rays can penetrate the glass and heat the area naturally on sunny days, while the solid walls can keep in the heat from your heating system and block out the elements.

Four-Season Rooms

Four-season rooms are framed in doubled-paned, insulated doors and windows. They lose a bit of the outdoor atmosphere but are the most effective for staying warm in winter. While these two patio options will give you the most livable year-round space, they are the most expensive and intrusive options.

Covering Your Patio for Winter

A much cheaper way to keep the snow and rain out of your patio is to cover the windows and open spaces with clear plastic. Measure the areas that need to be covered and cut the plastic sheet to fit. Just be sure to leave a couple of extra inches for leeway and mistakes. To adhere, staple it to the wood frame. This is the best option if you are on a budget and already have a screened porch. You could also install high-quality patio shades to block out the elements and add a cozier feel.

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Make Your Patio a Cozy Space

Once you’ve chosen how you’re going to cover your patio, you can make it feel warmer by decorating it for the season. Buy a space heater or two, paint, and decorate with warm colors like red, orange, or deep brown. Choose furniture pieces that are plush and covered with fabric so that you can avoid any hard, cold surfaces.

Finally, the best way to stay warm on your patio this winter is to connect the area to your home’s vents and ventilation system.

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