Motorized Screen Enclosure – Lake Oconee, GA

This screen enclosure project took place in Lake Oconee, Georgia and incorporated many facets of screen products.

US Motion Screens covered the larger spans which measured over 18 feet wide. The decorative caps at the top and bottom of the columns where removed to allow placement of the tracks. Once installed, Peachtree Blinds installers returned that same molding to it’s original form. The power cord was strategically placed to be hidden from everyday view. Powered by Somfy motors this homeowner can utilize a multi channel remote to operate the screens.

Smaller areas were covered with ScreenEze, a patented system that provides fixed screens for large areas. Built on site by our installers ScreenEze can cover areas up to 150 square feet. Notice how tight the installation turned out! No waves or wrinkles.

For fast and easy access into the house Mirage retractable screen doors were installed. These invisible screens roll up and disappear when not in use allowing a clear view through the glass door. Mirage doors are made to retract slowly to prevent injury. The result is a safer product that wont pinch fingers of children or scare pets.

This combination of products is ideal for any homeowner on the lake!